Nov 282010

(By Dan Simmons, CPC)

During the past several months, I’ve presented tips for interviewing success in “Career Corner.”  This has included tips for what to do you before and during the interview.  I’d like to wrap up this series with an article about what you should do after the interview, specifically, the importance of a thank-you note and why and how you should write one.

So . . . you just had a great interview.  Let’s face it, you blew them away! You go home and wait by the phone.  Five days go by.  Then 10 days go by.  But still, no call.  Why?  They may be waiting for your thank-you note.  They might want to see if your follow-through skills are adequate enough to be part of their professional and caring organization.  Instead of blowing them away, you just blew it!

Wait—there’s still time to do the right thing!  Below is an example of an effective thank-you note.  It should be polite, brief, show your enthusiasm for the job, and also mention something relevant from your interview.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with XYZ Corporation for the Controller position.  After talking with you and learning more about the role, I believe my 3 years of experience as Manager of Accounting with Super Company has adequately prepared me for the job.  I have given thought to the challenge of bringing in new accounting software and would look forward to the opportunity.  I also look forward to meeting with you again and appreciate the time you gave me.

Finest regards,

John Doe, Jr.

Below are five rules for writing a great thank-you note:

  1. Hand-written notes are preferable.  However, if you decide to email the letter, send it right away and use a confirm receipt.
  2. Send notes within 72 hours of your interview.  However, late is better than not at all.
  4. Send a “thank-you” to everyone who interviewed you that day.
  5. Send a “thank-you” after each interview, but don’t send the same one each time.

Don’t blow it.  Instead, blow them away with a great interview AND a great thank-you note!

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