Jan 062017
ASM Issue 188 – How to Get Ready for Your Annual Performance Review
The annual performance review is something that many employees dread (as do most managers). The days or weeks leading up to it can be quite stressful. Never fear, I have compiled helpful tips to help you get through it without the stress and anxiety.

Prepare to Wow Your Employer
Preparation is the key to a stellar APR. Treat your annual performance review like a mini interview. While you are not interviewing to get hired, this interview will be the key to receiving higher compensation and may determine if you are ready for the next step up the ladder. What you say and how you conduct yourself will greatly affect the outcome. Make sure you follow the steps below.


ASM Issue 189 – The “Recruiting in a Multi-Generational Talent Pool” e-Book is Finally Out

What does the Baby Boomer, Generation Xer, and Millennial have in common? They all belong to the workforce. Each generation has special skills and experiences that they can contribute to the workplace.
What do the top candidates from these generations want? What will make them want to work with you? However, most importantly, what will make them stay? These are the questions that any employer should ask before making a job offer.

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