Apr 062017
ASM Issue 194 – Career Tips from Continental Search

They do not teach how to manage your career in college.  Managing your career is a lifelong task with changing variables. Whether you are recruiting people to build your team and grow in your current role or are pondering a career move and will be preparing for upcoming interviews, resources are available.

Continental Search has devoted a whole section of our website to career tips in our Job Seekers section. The aim is to help people who are new to the industry by giving them resources that will help them get started and employed.


ASM Issue 195 – University of Illinois Study: Methionine for Dairy Cows
I was browsing through Dairy Herd Management when I found an article about the benefits of adding methionine to the Holstein cow diet. I thought it would be beneficial to our readers who have dairy cows.
According to research performed by the University of Illinois, adding methionine to the diet of Holstein cows could enhance the survival rate of pre-implanted embryos. The study involved supplementing the diets of a group of cows. They started supplementation 21 days before the cows were due to give birth and continued until 72 days after birth. The control group was not given methionine.

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