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The Animal Science Monitor is dedicated to helping readers have fulfilled careers.  This page provides a search engine to find jobs in the animal sciences, connect with recruiters in the field, free ebooks on job search and a list of job search tips.

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If you’re interested in a career as a Vet Tech check this out.


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Continental SearchThe team at Continental Search recruits to fill jobs in the animal sciences




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Our friends at Continental Search have provided articles on career issues ranging from creating your resume, drafting a follow-up thank you note, to negotiating an employment offer. Additionally we have articles on work/life balance, networking, mentoring and special articles for fresh grads.




Evaluating an Employment Offer — How can Benjamin Franklin help you evaluate an offer of employment?  Find out in this e-Book, which takes a “common sense” approach (which smacks more of Thomas Paine than Ben Franklin) in determining whether you should accept an offer . . . or stay at your current job.

“Evaluating an Employment Offer” is comprised of a master list broken into three sections.  The first section deals with basic information, the second with relocation, and the third with executive considerations.  Each section contains detailed information, but is presented in a simple format that can be easily applied to any opportunity.


Simple Steps for a Successful Interview — This e-Book takes you through the entire interview process, from start to finish, and includes tips and suggestions about things you may not have even considered.  “Simple Steps” covers everything from what to bring to the interview to how your online identity can affect possible career moves to what you should do after the interview.


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