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Take your next move in animal science. Here are some career opportunities for you

Recommended Recruiters

The team at Continental Search recruits to fill jobs in the animal sciences. Meet our trusted recruiters who bring their extensive industry experience to help you find the right opportunity.

Dan simmons

Dan Simmons, CPC

As the Founder and President of The Animal Science Monitor and Continental Search, Dan has been successfully filling positions in the animal nutrition industry for 20 years. His focus lies on recruiting top talents such as nutritionists, technical support professionals, sales managers, and executive-level positions for feed manufacturers and feed additive companies of all sizes, including global giants. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn or email him at

Jim Hipskind


Division Manager, Production, Processing & Engineering

Jim Hipskind, CPC, has 30+ years of expertise in manufacturing, production, processing, and sales roles. He’s been with Continental Search since 2010, with previous experience at Midwest Headhunters, where he specialized in placing supervisors, managers, and executives throughout the Midwest. His rich industry insight has led to the successful placement of top performers in prominent roles, such as General Managers, Optimization Managers, and VP of Nursery among others. Jim is a certified Personnel Consultant by the National Association of Personnel Services and an award-winning member of the Top Echelon Network. He’s known for securing exceptional manufacturing, processing, and engineering talent.

Rick Pascual, CPC

Practice director for Ruminant Health and Nutrition

Rick, the Practice Director for Ruminant Health and Nutrition at Continental Search, specializes in filling sales and technical support roles in dairy and beef. His recruits include feed additive sales representatives and territory managers for both local and global organizations, including pharmaceutical companies. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn or email him at


Trish Valenzuela, CPC

practice director for Monogastric Health and Nutrition

Trish is the Practice Director for Monogastric Health and Nutrition at Continental Search. She recruits for positions related to sales and technical aspects within the pig and poultry sectors. Her clients include major ingredient suppliers and integrators, primarily medium-sized companies seeking to establish a presence in the animal health and nutrition sector. Connect with Trish on LinkedIn or email her at


Maria Codilla, CPC

Practice Manager for Pork Production/Processing

As the Practice Manager for Pork Production/Processing at Continental Search, Maria fills various roles in the swine live production industry. Her recruits include Directors, Production Managers, and Farm Managers for commercial pork producers, management and consulting groups, and swine genetics companies. Connect with Maria on LinkedIn or email her at