Jan 162011

Energize Your Team

(By Jim Hipskind) 

Over the last few years, American companies, their managers, and executives have been successful in getting more out of their employees because of the uncertainty of the economy.  At the same time, job satisfaction among American workers has been at historic lows. This uncertainty has kept job opportunities few and the ability to relocate low, with confidence in change almost becoming non-existent—something we haven’t seen in decades.  As we head into a new year, the economy continues to improve and opportunities will subsequently increase, giving your employees wings they haven’t had in years. 

Retaining the people who have proven themselves to you over the past few years will be the key to your success.  The question becomes this: with the economy improving and employment opportunities on the rise, how will you energize your people to continue to stay on your team? 

I offer these five suggestions: 

  1. Communication—Make certain your team understands the company goals and vision and how, as a member of that team, they fit into the strategy to obtain those goals.
  2. Appreciation—Verbally show them that you understand and appreciate their contributions to the team and to the overall company.
  3. Reward—Show appreciation in their compensation package.  Don’t be stingy, as a new economy will continue to prove that people go where they feel appreciated, both verbally and monetarily.
  4. Training—Provide opportunities for your team to improve its skills, including seminars and conferences, both online and offline.  Strengthening your core team will not only benefit you, but also make the employees feel like they’re being invested in.
  5. Career Path—Speak with each of your team members.  Listen to their career aspirations and then create a path for the realization of their dreams within your company’s structure.

Remember, as you effectively manage your energized team to achieve your company’s goals, you will also be leading yourself down a path to your own career advancement.

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