Sep 122009

15th Great Lakes Dairy Sheep Symposium

November 12-14

at the Albany Marriott ( 

Great Lakes Dairy Sheep Symposium is the major annual event of the
dairy sheep industry in North America. For 15 years, this event has
attracted dairy sheep producers from Canada, Mexico and throughout the
United States. As a small but growing industry, the symposium provides
critical connections among producers. The first day includes talks
directed towards beginning producers. The second day features
presentations by innovative producers and top scientists from North
America and abroad to bring the latest information on dairy sheep
production and sheep milk processing to our domestic industry. The
final day will include tours of local dairy sheep producers and
processing plants that manufacture sheep milk cheeses. The Great Lakes
Dairy Sheep Symposium provides an educational environment and fosters
connections among dairy sheep producers, processor and researchers.


Some topics and speakers include:

-Getting Started in Sheep Dairying
-Cheesemaking with Sheep Milk (Dr. Stephanie Clark, Washington State Univ.)
-Challenges in Cheese Plant Design
-Intake on Pasture (Dr. Darrell Emmick, New York NRCS)
-Effects of Prepubertal Lamb Nutrition on Milk Production (Dr. Dave Thomas, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)
-Genetic Markers for Milk Production (Dr. Raluca Mateescu, Oklahoma State Univ.)
-Sheep Nutrition and Fermentable Fiber (Dr. Mike Thonney, Cornell University)

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