Sep 202009


October 16: Animal Welfare Symposium “Building Partnerships
to Address Animal Welfare”,


Location: Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2201
Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus, OH


Description: Participate in a balanced discussions about
farm animal welfare and learn about the surrounding scientific, ethical, social
and legal contexts.  The Animal Welfare Symposium is an opportunity for
you to: Gain a better understanding of animal welfare issues facing animal
agriculture, obtain the information and insight to make informed decisions,
hear a wide-range of perspectives from well-known animal welfare experts, learn
how legislation, self-regulation or auditing may impact animal production and
handling methods, find out about the scientific findings about the welfare of
animals in different housing systems, learn what other countries have done to
proactively address animal welfare issues and what we can learn from their
experiences.  The Animal Welfare Symposium offers an opportunity to learn
from well-known farm animal welfare experts and social scientists, who will
present talks on a wide range of animal welfare perspectives.

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