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January 28, 2010

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About This Issue

Building The ASM Community
Introducing The ASM ‘Video Link of the Month’

Upcoming Events in the Animal Science Industry
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About This Issue . . .

So much of business, professional, and career success is predicated upon networking and community, and this is especially the case in the Digital Age.  In this issue of The Animal Science Monitor, we’ll take a look at some of the ways in which we plan to promote networking and our online community in the coming year.  The bottom line is that we want this newsletter to be a publication that works for you, one that helps you to achieve your goals and ambitions.  We hope that 2010 has been a good year for you thus far, and we also hope that you enjoy this issue of The ASM! 

-Dan and Don



Help Animals in Haiti Through SPCA!

We at the ASM believe in animals and helping.  With the recent tragedy in Haiti, we thought it appropriate to share with you an opportunity to join us in helping.  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is doing all that it can to help animals affected by the earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath.  The SPCA’s Animal Response Unit is currently in Haiti providing animal relief and aid through its Emergency Grant Program.  However, the organization’s work extends beyond Haiti.

Through its grant program, the SPCA provides relief to areas and organizations during expected events – including both natural disasters and local emergencies. You can help the SPCA in protecting helpless animals by making a monetary donation to the organization’s international initiatives. Click here to make a donation to this worthwhile cause.

An Introduction to ‘Connecting You’

For those who are involved in animal science and animal nutrition, knowledge of and participation in industry associations and organizations can serve as an important step in terms of career advancement.  As a result, we’re pleased to introduce a new series of articles within The Animal Science Monitor newsletter.  This new series is titled ‘Connecting You.’ 

‘Connecting You’ will showcase a number of associations within the world of animal science and animal nutrition.  One such organization will be highlighted each month, usually in the second issue of that month.  Our goal is to promote the organization, its website, its mission within the industry, and its upcoming events.  We believe that giving exposure to these organizations will prove to be beneficial not only for them, but also for you’our readers.  Below is a list of some of the associations you may see highlighted in future issues of The ASM. 

  • Equine Science Society
  • American Dairy Science Association
  • National Institute for Animal Agriculture
  • American Meat Science Association
  • American Feed Industry Association
  • American Embryo Transfer Association
  • American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
  • American Society of Animal Science
  • International Society for Animal Genetics
  • National C-FAR
  • Poultry Science Association

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this new series in The ASM, please send an email to

Building The ASM Community

(By Beth Hilson)

At the end of last year, I wrote an article detailing some of the ways in which we plan to build an online society for those in the animal science and animal nutrition industries.  In this issue of The Animal Science Monitor, I’d like to revisit some of those plans and also elaborate on them.
There are a number of different ways we’re striving to build an online community.  Some of those ways you’re already familiar with, but I’ll list them below for posterity’s sake. 

  • The Animal Science Monitor newsletter – This is what started it all, more than five years and nearly 100 issues ago.  This publication is serving as the centerpiece of our community building efforts.
  • The Animal Science Monitor website (’Not only does the site house the archives of the newsletter, but it also contains a list of graduate programs with links, a news area, and a blog section.
  • – This job board for professionals in the animal science industry has been around nearly as long as The ASM.  Among other things, this site allows employers to gain exposure for their job openings and opportunities and job seekers to view these opportunities, submit or update their resume, or set up a Hot Job Alert and be notified via email when an opening of interest becomes available.  For more information, visit

Social media and blogs

As we all know, social media sites are all the rage these days.  Being involved with them is almost a must for those looking to network effectively within their respective field.  We certainly recognize this at The ASM, and that’s why we’re part of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  Consequently, we encourage you to become involved with the newsletter through these social media platforms, and you can do so by clicking on the appropriate links below.

To link to us on LinkedIn, click here.
To follow us on Twitter,
click here.
To join us on Facebook, click here.

But wait, there’s more!  (I’ve always wanted to say that in a column.)  Starting this year, Dan Simmons, one of the founders of The ASM, will be blogging on a regular basis about a variety of topics related to employment, the job market, and the economy.  Keep in mind that these blogs will not be housed on The ASM‘s website and they do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the newsletter’s staff, but we will certainly provide a link to the blog site for those who are interested.

As always, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing support and readership of our newsletter.  We’ll be publishing more articles in the future that deal with our efforts in the area of online networking.  We look forward to continuing to build a community for the animal science industry, and we hope that you’ll join us!

If you have any questions about the social media and networking efforts of The Animal Science Monitor, please send an email to


Introducing The ASM ‘Video Link of the Month’

Welcome to another year of our ‘Video Link of the Month’ feature.  As many of you already know, this regular feature in The Animal Science Monitor highlights videos that are humorous in nature or ones that pertain to a university or organizational production regarding research or development.  Above all, of course, they deal with animals or animal science. 
This month’s video link was not submitted by a reader of the newsletter, but it does pertain to a worthy cause, which is the adoption of dogs.  The video in question is the PEDIGREE commercial which ran during the 2009 Super Bowl.  With this year’s big game less than two weeks away, we thought such a video would be appropriate (not to mean hilarious). 
PEDIGREE is the maker of dog food, and in this particular ad, the company promotes its ‘Dog Adoption Drive.’  As you’ll see in the commercial, when it comes to which animal you should choose as a pet, a dog makes quite a bit of sense . . .for a number of different reasons.  Click here in order to see the ‘Video Link of the Month’ for January. 
Remember, we’re currently accepting submissions for this feature, which will run periodically throughout the year.  You can send your video links to  As always, The ASM staff reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason.

Upcoming Events in the Animal Science Industry

At The Animal Science Monitor, we’re advocates of continuous education and the promotion of industry events such as conferences and conventions.  The training and networking opportunities that exist at these events are extremely valuable and can pay dividends in a number of different ways.  The ASM is pleased to highlight these upcoming industry events:

103rd Annual Minnesota Grain & Feed Association Convention and Trade Show – The Minnesota Grain & Feed Association has held its annual convention and trade show for over 100 years.  In keeping with recent tradition, this year’s convention will once again feature the Super Bowl Party Gala with hospitality suites, plenty of food and beverages, and the big game on the big screen!  This major association event represents a unique networking and training opportunity. The location of this year’s event is the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato, Minn., and the dates are Sunday, February 7, though Tuesday, February 9. Click here for more information. 
34th Annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sport Show – This event is an annual conference that draws up to 50,000 people.  It consists of seminars on wild turkey management (nutrition and health) and habitat management.  In addition, there are wild turkey calling and owl hooting competitions, hunting seminars, live and silent auctions, country music entertainment, and activities for children.  The location of this year’s event is the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn., and the dates are Thursday, February 18, through Sunday, February 21. Click here for more information. 

To visit the complete Animal Science Monitor events calendar, click here. If there’s an industry event that you believe we should promote through our newsletter, please email your information to

Coming Up in the Next Issue . . .

As we mentioned at the beginning of this issue, The Animal Science Monitor is published to help you achieve your goals. That’s why in our next issue, Dan and Don will be back with their regular columns for hiring managers and job seekers, and we’ll also have our second installment of ‘In Search Of,’ which details the hottest job opening on Dan and Don’s desk right now. The next issue of The Animal Science Monitor is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, February 9.
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