Jan 162011

Each January, the Conference Board publishes a job satisfaction survey.  In 2010, it showed that only 45% of American workers were satisfied with their work.  This was the lowest satisfaction rate ever recorded in 22 years of taking the survey. 

History has shown that as the economy begins to improve, some unsatisfied workers will work for themselves, others will start their own businesses and hire their colleagues, and still others will drop out of the workforce altogether because their retirement portfolios have improved. 

What does this mean to you? 

It means that as the job market continues to improve, the demand for qualified talent will subsequently increase and opportunities will come your way.  Are you prepared for that? 

Over the past several years, most people have developed a “hunkered down” mentality, and as a result, have not kept their career information current.  Career information includes your resume, your list of references with current contact information, performance reviews and letters of recommendation, and any online presence you hold (i.e., LinkedIn).  As these new opportunities arise, it’s more difficult for individuals to present their qualifications and interview for potential advancement.  Being prepared shows potential to employers that you are organized and serious about reaching your career goals. 

Below are four tips for preparing your career information: 

  1. Review your resume—Have you added recent quantifiable accomplishments to your track record of success?  Does it include recent training, education, or certifications?  Does your resume accurately reflect what you do now?


  1. Touch base with your references to know where they are now.


  1. Do you have a copy of your most recent performance reviews so that you can show you are successful without having references being called?


  1. Are there any other documents, such as letters of recommendation or appreciation, that show you are at the top of your game?  Get those in hand!


Once you’ve assembled your portfolio, you will feel more confident and better prepared when opportunity knocks.  For a complimentary professional review of your portfolio, contact me at

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