Nov 272013

So many things in life—both personally and professionally—hinge on making good decisions.  Making such decisions is the theme of this issue of The Animal Science Monitor.

Whether it’s the decision of whether to ask for a raise, the decision of who to hire (or not to hire), or the decision to attend an industry conference, these are the choices that can help determine the trajectory of your career. However, one decision that’s always a good one is to read The Animal Science Monitor.  As such, we hope it’s a decision you make . . . and that you enjoy this issue of The ASM.

To reward such a good decision, we have something to give to you. Dan Simmons, Owner of Continental Search and executive recruiter has just release an eBook entitled, “Simple Steps to a Successful Interview” that we’re sending on to our dedicated ASM audience. No sign-up required, no spam, just a link to a great eBook that will help you in your next interview.


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– Dan



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