May 182011

Welcome to the next installment in our “Career Book of the Month” feature!  As many of you already know, every month we’ll be reviewing a book designed to help advance your career. 

Now at first glance, it might seem as though the book we’re reviewing this month has to do more with companies than with employees looking to advance the scope of their career . . . but its principles are just as applicable, as you’ll see. 

This month’s book in the spotlight is Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah (2009, 256 pages). 

Below is Dan Simmons’s review of this month’s selection: 

“In today’s economy, everybody has choices about almost everything . . . and they have the ability to act upon those choices.  That’s why this book is applicable in a number of different ways.  Employees can apply the principles in this book to improve the results of their company’s marketing and branding efforts and also use them to tweak their current strategy regarding career advancement.  Whatever your goals are for your company or your career, Inbound Marketing is worth your time.” 

Click here to read more about Inbound Marketing on the website. 

If you have a career book that you’ve read and you’d like to endorse, we’d be happy to publish your endorsement.  Send your information to, and you might be included in a future issue of the newsletter!

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