Apr 082011

We’ve been highlighting videos about animals in The Animal Science Monitor for a few years now, and the one we’re highlighting in this issue of the newsletter just might be the best one yet!

As some of you know, we promote service animals here at The ASM, animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities.  Puppy Prodigies is a non-profit organization that focuses on early puppy development and service dog training.  One of the organization’s puppies, Ricochet, seemed destined to be a top service dog until her instincts for bird chasing made her unfit for the program.

As it turned out, though, Ricochet had another calling, one that Puppy Prodigies has put to full use and one which has turned out to be a blessing for a great many people.

Click here to watch the viral YouTube video that details Ricochet’s story.

Click here to visit Ricochet’s official website.

And if you have a video link that you would like to see published in The Animal Science Monitor, be sure to email it to

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